Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I am Joe: Thoughts of a Special VP - Sasha

I am Joe.
The big boys are here to talk to the boss, so I had to watch cartoons with Sasha.  Some African Americans with bones in there hairs and ears and noses put Elmer Fudd in a pot.  It was scary.  I asked Sasha if African Americans really would put Elmer Fudd in a pot to eat. 
Sasha said some African Americans are canables.  And canables eat people. 
I asked her if she eats peoples, and she said she never had yet, but her grandma and grandpa were canables.  And that her family would probably eat peoples sometime too.  Probably soon.  She said when you eat a people you get their spirit too and it makes you more stronger.  She told me to be careful because she saw her daddy look at me with that droolly look he mostly just gets when he looks at Bo.  And mama was licking her lips too. 
She asked me if I eated lots of candies.  She told me her mama has a plan for all the fat kids in America.  Because fat kids who eat a lot of candies taste goodest.  You are what you eat, mama always tells her.
I am scared now.  I am going to give Sasha all of my candies.  I don’t want to be eated.  I don’t want to taste gooder.  I am going to eat out of the litter box again.

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