Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Understanding the Left: Why They Hate Israel

It's been a while since I've written something trying to explain the left. It's admittedly a tough thing to do, trying to reason out why such irrational people think the way they do. I've probably said it before, that such thinking is based on emotions and not reason, but I think trying to explain their irrational hatred for Israel might capture the essence of this. Or, at least, I hope so.

You've probably seen it before: you're reading some blog or other on the interwebs, and there is a discussion of Israel. You start reading the comments, which probably start out kind of normal, when all of a sudden the resident lefty commentators begin filling the page with stuff about "Zionists this" and "Zionists that", and how Israel is like this country full of evil people who like to eat babies and make YouTube videos of themselves ripping that "Do Not Remove" tag off of mattresses and couches (which causes riots in the Islamic world, as it offends Mohammed).


The odd thing here is that, when you hear fellas like Achmadenijihad talk, they use the same language as many of these leftist do, about "Zionists" and the like. Lefties, by their very nature, are supposed to be peace-loving, and all-inclusive, and apologetic for how other countries behave. They generally just hate on their own people, while giving every other culture a free pass to be completely belligerent and, in some cases. inexcusably evil.

And it does seem to be the case, that the left is misanthropic, believing that human nature itself is at fault for everything they consider bad. But why do they hate America, give everyone else a pass, but then also hate Israel?

Well, maybe because they view Israel as a little America. And maybe they give others a pass because secretly they do actually feel...and this might come as a shock here..that Americans are the pinnacle of humanity. And as such, if you hate humanity, you target that angst at the "worst" of it...America, and it's little cousin (in their minds) Israel. 

While Israel does share a lot of similarities with America, they're very different places, not even considering size and geography. Israel has developed its own culture even, which is more a mixture of eastern European cultures, and obviously Jewish culture, than it is true American style western culture. But compared to the neighboring cultures in the Middle East, it is easy to make the mistake of seeing Israel as "American"...if you're an idiot. Which lefties are, but I think that is too obvious to really mention.

So, I could leave off here and say that the left hates Israel because they mistakenly view it as being a little America in the Middle East, and since they hate America, because they consider Americans to be the worst of humanity, and humanity and its nature being the very thing that they despise and blame for all of the worlds problems, that Israel gets an equal amount of hate from them. Nay, they get it more openly because the left in America at least tries to pretend to like their own public anyway.

But there is more to it than that.The left doesn't just hate what they perceive to be bastions of evil human nature. They also hate bastions of success. And this is another reason they hate America. Because we are successful. Because we are great. The left doesn't necessarily love and trust government; they simply despise and don't trust the individual. Because the individual operates by human nature, and it is human nature that they are at perpetual war against. And in America, it is the individual who creates success.

Israel is a country in a region of failed countries. Failed governments, cultures that have one foot in the 7th century, and the other barely in the 21st. Most cultures in the Middle East simply do not evolve. This is why the idea of establishing western style democracies in the Middle East simply does not work. They've yet to recognize the concept of the individual, and without that concept, they cannot hope to understand, much less implement, actual individual freedom. They've remained unchanged for over a thousand years, and changing them might never happen, as their principal religion, Islam, promotes the very opposite of the concept of the individual (Islam means "submit").

But among all of these thorns and thistles in the Middle East, there exists Israel, like a shining city on a hill, to borrow an expression spoken by the Great One. And the left hates them for it. To be successful, to be free, to be be human, to be the very thing they hate is an affront to the left.

In conclusion, I think the left's hatred for Israel can really be boiled down to the following statement. The left hates Israel because they view it as a little America in the Middle East, and because Israel is successful in a place where others are not (it isn't fair!). Sure, there are anti-Semites among the left, but I don't think it is "the joos!" that is really what the left, in general, hates. It is embracing a western style form of government, fomenting success, and daring to stand up against those that try to knock you down. You know, like America. We're no longer the under dog, and neither really is Israel. The left loves under a world where most of the under dogs are the bad guys, and thank God for that. But the left doesn't see it that way. They will always root for the unsuccessful, because they believe being unsuccessful validates their beliefs about how evil the successful are for keeping them that way. They love and champion the poor, but they want them to stay poor, to keep the lie that is their ideology going. And so they turn their hate on anything like America, and anyone who enjoys success...specifically hard-earned success.

And little else rankles the left more than success and America.

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