Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Outrage Hat is On Now: Auto Bail Out Edition

If I could put my outrage glasses and hat on for a minute I would love to tell you something that I’m, well, outraged over.  One of the things that bothers me most about the Obama administration is the revisionist history in regards to the auto bail out. 

Last night Rahm Emanual talked about (and without looking for a quote… cuz, well… lazy) how the auto industry had just a few weeks left, and Obama had to save it.  This right here is something that was common knowledge at the time.  Why is that you ask?  Well because Bush had given the auto company's money to buy time for Obama to come in and “save it”.

This wasn’t some thing that sprung up on “his watch”.  This was a national emergency that needed tending to post haste.  As someone who works in the industry for his day job, I remember wondering what was going to happen, also thinking the best thing to do was to let them declare bankruptcy and move on from there.

Mitt Romney made a similar comment about it and has gotten panned for it ever since.  He thought the best move was a government structured bankruptcy.  Every one from Ed “I just craped my pants” Shultz to Keith “please remember me” Olbermann said that was terrible and ridiculous and should never be allowed to happen.

Then a few months later something weird happened.  After billions of dollars, union and members of the government put on the board for GM.  Both Chrysler and GM went in to bankruptcy.

Now some of you are saying “whats the big deal Chris”?  Well the big deal is that the money and adjustments were given to both of these company's so they could avoid bankruptcy, and the entered in to it anyway.  The other difference now is that Chrysler got forced into a deal with Fiat, and GM got 2 conflicts of interest put on their board of directors.

So you see why I have my outraged glasses on, Mitt was right all along, but that’s not what the spin says.

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