Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tactical Nuke: Thursday: September 6, 2012

• So, if you people haven't noticed, I have totally outsourced my blog. I even have like two more co-bloggers coming.

This is capitalism people. I crack the whip, they write, I get money.

See? Even a simple blogger like myself can understand capitalism, unlike lefties and hippies.

All I know is, I am getting paid...for, like, guilt-tripping my co-bloggers through email.


• So, the Democrats squeezed God in on their platform. Took a rigged vote to do it, but they were able to get Him in.

If I was attending the DNC right now, I would really be watching out for lightning bolts. Just sayin...

• If anyone was starting to question how good of a liar Bill Clinton is, he told the DNC last night that everyone is better off because of Obama.

LOL! That is like saying Carter was a good president.

Oh wait, the DNC already did that.

• See, the thing about tactical nukes is, they are supposed to be really short. But people email me about it when I go I am supposed to be the primary way to find the news or something.

So, the best way is to skip the blog entirely and just watch Judge Judy. That will tell you all you need to know about America...

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