Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Off Topic, but I Have Nothing Else To Write About

This is going to be off topic; but you know I’m writing this on Labor Day so what are you gonna do?  I was thinking about it and I got kinda angry today.  Since today is Labor Day we set aside that day to reflect about those that have fought for workers rights and what not bla bla bla, and we celebrate this by drinking a lot and eating hot dogs.  This is known around the walkingdead house hold as everyday.

Then it was brought to my attention that Sunday is Grandparents day, they already have mothers day and father’s day.  They need another day?  Where the heck is national sad, and going to die alone day?  I need my own day.

Me and some friends, or is it some friends and I?  Were thinking that maybe we should have a national sad, and going to die alone day. So I set it up. 

Everyone mark your calendars,   October 13th is now and forever will be known as national sad, and going to die alone day.

It’s a Saturday night so it’s fitting for people like me.  It’s not like I’m going to have plans with a girl or anything.  I want us to celebrate by those with a life to take out those without a life and show them a good time. 

Some examples include:
  • Talk them out of a suicide attempt. 
  • Invite them over your house for a BBQ.
  • Set them up on a date with another sad and alone person.
  • Play video games with them and lose on purpose, so they can win one just once.
  • Remind them that no matter how bad they have it, chances are they only have another 20-30 good years anyway and soon it will be all over and into the sweet sweet arms of eternity. 
It’s important that we recognize that the sad and going to die alone community contribute greatly in our every day lives, and we usually take them for granted.  Especially our ex girlfriends… THANK YOU VERY MUCH STACY PERKINS!  I HOPE YOUR NEW BOYFRIEND TREATS YOU LIKE THE CRAP YOU TREATED ME!

Now that this is over and the DNC is going on, I will be back on topic the rest of the week.

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