Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tactical Nuke: Wednesday, September 19, 2012

• I keep meaning to start twittering more. You know, saying snarky things on Twitter. But I just can't think of anything and I basically don't like twitter. I think it's the name or something.

• I guess stimulus money is also there to stimulate the Chinese economy. Stimulus dollars are being used to buy Chinese-made solar panels.

  At this point, the government isn't even trying to pretend to follow its own rules anymore.

• Does anyone watch "Fox & Friends"? I sometimes listen to it on my satellite radio when driving to work, and on Monday morning they interviewed some guy who was supposed to be a college grad who had supported Obama in 2008, but was now supporting Romney because he didn't have a job.

   It was really awkward and the guy sounded high or something, taking long pauses and not really talking about anything.

  Well as it turns out, it was just a "prank" by some kid that is still in college and wanted to make some political point about Fox being partisan or something. Of course, he chose to do so because he is partisan himself, and I guess he doesn't really have any qualms about other news channels doing exactly the same type of thing as he accuses Fox of doing.

   Not that I'm trying to defend Fox here...they pick narratives and use hand-picked guests to back that narrative up just like all the other networks do.
• That's all for now.

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