Friday, September 14, 2012

WalkingDead's Deep Thoughts: September 14, 20-12

         I also get to see Off With Their Heads for the 2nd.

        This means absolutely nothing to you, but everything to me.
  • I wish Obama could decide If Egypt was an ally or not.  That would make things a lot easier in the long run.

         Its like he forgot what country Bill Clinton set up that rendition program or something.

         That’s another thing that bothers me and needs to be repeated.  All the years bush was “torturing” people by weatherboarding, that’s fine if you don’t like that sort of thing; but where was your outrage with rendition?  It was a lot worse over there you know.
  • I really like how every 17 minutes a new poll comes out showing that this race is a statistical dead heat. 

         It really begs the question though, how horrible is Romney that he’s not pulling away from this guy?

        Now I know how democrats felt with John Kerry.

        That guy was total suck.
  • At least Romney has more accomplishments than marrying a rich woman.
  • Tomorrow night is Michigan State vs. Notre Dame.  I’m super psyched! 

       I’m a big Michigan State fan, and I hate the University of Michigan.

      So I’m sure that’s one thing Keln and I can agree on.
  • Good Night.

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