Monday, September 17, 2012

Walkingdead's Deep Thoughts: September 17, 20-12

  • Hot water music, and off with their heads were awesome on Friday.

           For about 90 minutes everything was alright in the world.
  • I'm a Big MSU fan, and to see them get their butts kicked like that against the drunken Irish really bothered me.

         It really looked like they didn't prepare at all.
  • I think my right pinky finger grew. Every time I hit enter, I actually hit 4 on the number pad.

         Its pretty distracting.
  • I'm glad we have 2 new co-bloggers. Now I have people to pick up my dry cleaning and fetch me lunch. I used to have to do that stuff on my own.
  • I have nothing political to tell you today, so just to keep this on topic.  Obama sucks
  • This is also a short one.
  • That's what she said

  • Good night.


  1. Wait a minute. You don't actually expect people to believe you have any clothing worthy of a trip to the dry cleaners, do you, yet alone enough desposable cash to pay the bill? I know I don't. That's not fair, come to think of it. Maybe the government could do something about that......

  2. I have two suit coats and a pair of pants that are dry clean only. they haven't been cleaned in about 4 years because... well, you were right about the second part.

  3. Being half right is some kind of record for me.