Friday, September 7, 2012

Walkingdeads Surface Thoughts: DNC Edition

I wanted to write a brilliant article for you this morning, but I just don’t know what to write about right now.

  • In all honesty Obama has given better speeches.  This one wasn’t that great. 

          I love how he claimed that Romney and Ryan had no foreign policy experience.

          It is a valid claim, until you realize that Obama had less than zero the day he took office.

          It’s the same logic that liberals give when they complain about Sarah Palin and her “lack of experience”.

         Exactly how many years of executive experience did Obama have before he was elected?

        Once again less than zero.

        “But he ran his own campaign” they all said.

        Well organizing a campaign and running one of the biggest super powers on the planet are one in the same.

        I once managed a strip club, so that totally qualifies me to be chief of police.

        So vote for me for chief of police.
  • Obama also talked about how he ended the war in Iraq.

         That’s all well and good, unless you look at the facts and Bush actually negotiated the troop withdrawal.

         Sure Obama  changed the deadline, but honestly that’s like me returning a bunch of pop  bottles you drank and claiming it was delicious.

         Ok that wasn’t a good analogy, but good analogy are like guns.  Their black or silver and fire bullets that some times hit their mark.

         Ok that was even a worse analogy.
  • Good afternoon.

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