Friday, October 19, 2012

I Would Pay to See This Tagg Team Bout

So, Tagg Romney has been accused of being racist just because he said he wanted to whoop a black boy for lying while being black. So what else is new? Of course this whole racist accusation is just a ruse Obama is using to stave off a beating.  Tagg is smart enough not to risk the increased penalty of a hate crime.  Shrewd, Obama, shrewd.  Of course, Tagg should have realized that no matter what he said or did, he would be accused of being a racist just like everyone, regardless of race, creed nationality, IQ, etc, who disagrees with the One.  If you are gonna be accused of being a racist, you might as well embrace it and have some fun with it.  Tagg, and I’m sure you are reading this, next time express your feelings in one of these ways:
·         I just want to beat him, but I could never catch him.  Man those people are athletic…and cowardly.
·         I just want to beat him with his own drumstick and watermelon.
·         I just don’t think his kind can make it in life without government assistance.
·         I’ll beat that clean and articulate right off his face.
·         He can’t help it.  He was born a victim.
·         I’m gonna make him cry ‘Toby.’
·         We can’t give them school choice.  They might choose to go to school with my daughter. And they might actually become educated and uppity.
·         Those people aren’t capable of obtaining and keeping a photo ID.
·         I just want to smack that nappy-haired ho.
·         We need to lower the standards for them or they will never live up to expectations.
·         Don’t worry.  We can always count on the black vote. 
·         Allen West is an Uncle Tom.
·         I don’t know how anyone of that heritage could be a Republican.
·         Rap is not a legitimate art form.
·         Herman Cain is an oreo.

Disclaimer: The apparently racist tones of these suggestions do not reflect the views of or its staff, some of whom are literally colorblind. It is parody. Please do not string any of us up for this.  However, if you do take offense at these opinions, feel free to take it up with your local Democrat Party official.  I'm sure they can help change these attitudes.


  1. You sure like to live on the edge. In some areas, anyhow. LOL

  2. Are you trying to get fired already?

    1. I'm just trying to make a point about what is the worst racism: saying 'fried chicken and watermelon' or crafting an entire worldview and social policy based upon the assumption that a race is inferior, and then personally deriving power from the dependency created.

      BTW, why did chicken melon become racist? I love chicken and watermelon, and I'm as pasty white as they come.

    2. I've never understood the chicken and watermelon thing either. Chicken is one of the most popular foods in America, and watermelon is associated with the 4th of July, and pretty much anything summer.

      Guess you have to actually be a racist to understand why those two foods have anything to do specifically with black people.

    3. I got an intro to remove all taint of racism from this post:

      "Tagg isn't a racist. You want proof? He didn't say any of the following:"

    4. Lactose the IntolerantOctober 20, 2012 at 12:20 AM

      Good advice. I guess that is one of many reasons we at NP are only the Canadian Football League of whatever it is we do here.

    5. FYI, that previous comment wasn't really from me. It appears someone has stolen my identity, and the timing couldn't be better actually. I'll let them deal with the IRS and tax court for me.

      Though I do appreciate Harvey's input.

  3. Considering pretty much every one of those lines is a reference to something a democrat, or democrats, have said or done, or do and say, it pretty much captures the double standard that exists in the politics of race-baiting. If you are a democrat, you can get away with saying just about anything on that list. If you aren't a democrat, then you can say something simple like "Chicago" and be accused of racism.

  4. As a white person who hate all people darker than him (skin color, not tone) I never eat chicken or watermelon. If I like it that means I'll have to stop hating other people... and I just cant bring myself to do that at this stage of my life.

    1. What about women? Do you hate them too?

    2. Also, what "stage of life" must one be in to hold such views? 35+? Just curious. :)