Friday, October 19, 2012

Pay Disparity, It's What's For Dinner

Many people think pay disparity is just for women, but it affects men all the time... and sometimes even me. Mika Brzezn... Mika the polack (I am one I can say that, its our word) from the MSNBC show “morning Joe” has been fighting with her... network for a while now because she makes half of what Joe makes. This makes total sense considering MSNBC is practically MSDNC... see what I did there? I know I'm not the first to say it but its pretty clever.

anyway, I don't really have a problem in this case that Joe makes twice as much as Mika.  After all he has double duty.  He has to pretend to know what he's talking about, and pretend to be a Republican.  We all know that's a lot of work.

Now you may be thinking to yourself why talk about pay disparity and men then go to a story about Mika Polack? Well I needed at least four paragraphs to this for one, and because I saw that story and thought I would use it to pad this story.

Now that Nuking politics has hit the arbitrary milestone of 50,000 views I think it's time Keln breaks us of a few. I'm getting tired of him rolling around the NP offices with gold plated diamonds rattling around in his pocket. Why does anyone need gold plated diamonds anyway? I mean sure its a hedge against inflation and a safe bet with gold prices soaring these days, but it just doesn't serve any practical purpose.

So I'm just sayin you know... hand us “little people” a few of those diamonds.

But you could always threaten to fire me again, that always keeps me in line for a few weeks.


  1. To make all things equal in this comparison, I think you'd need a female blogger at NP and see if Keln shares his gold plated diamonds equally with her. Maybe it's not a gender thing. Maybe it's a walkingdead thing.

    1. What would it take to get a female blogger on my site? Do I have to beg? Gold plated diamonds?

      I don't actually have those, but I do have an unopened package of Ferrero Rocher chocolates from last Christmas. And also a giant coffee cup that can hold 64 oz of coffee.

      Really, that's all I have.

      If I had binders full of women, I would hire some for NP. But I don't have any binders with women in them. Or even regular binders with nothing in them. So all I can do is beg.

      And offer chocolate.

    2. Hmmmm. Begging is good. Chocolate is good. I don't drink coffee so you can give the cup to walkingdead for the margarita for his model girl. 64 oz should do it. The chocolate must be fresh, frequent and never have been in the company of walnuts, and I mean never. And begging. I think a little more begging is in order. By all of you. We women like begging.

    3. Hows about you submit some material to and we'll go from there?

    4. Wait wait wait...did I miss something? You mean you're actually expecting me to DO SOMETHING for my chocolate and begging? I can't believe it! I should have negotiated this contract better. In fact, I'm thinking of starting a Union of the Cheated NP Bloggers. UCNPB. Sounds cool. I'll make a banner. I like banners. Hey Lactose, Walkingdead, you game? We people who don't do much of anything have rights! I'm from Wisconsin, you know, and I know all about Labor Unions. They get people more than everybody else gets just for being part of the union and existing. And we exist. So we should get everything we want.

      Well, not really. But I thought it was fun to throw out there.

      I've actually never written anything for a blog of any kind and only got a screen name yesterday. So I'll think about it. I'll give you a hint, though. Begging and chocolate given in advance could only help. :)

    5. And I would like to hear how Lactose and Walkingdead would feel about having a female colleague....

    6. I'm sure they would be fine with it. And if not, I will tell them to be fine with it.

    7. well I would have no problem with it, as long as you make half as much as I do. I mean it's only fair... I've been here long than anyone else. so you better not start at full salary.

    8. Uh huh. I could probably deal with that because I'm sure I won't write half as much as you do. I mean the amount you wrote while on vacation?? For a lazy guy, you write a LOT.

      Btw, walkingdead, how much begging and chocolate do you normally get?

      And don't forget I'm giving you Keln's awesome 64 oz coffee mug so you can woo your model lady. That should count for something.

  2. hand us "little people" a few of those diamonds


    Sounds kinda like "spread the wealth around". You aren't going lefty on me Walkingdead. Are you?

    Are you...

  3. and I don't understand how you can say you don't have any of those diamonds. just tuesday before you left the office you jingled a hand full of them in front of my face and said. "If you were as smart as me you could have these gold plated diamonds... you could have them so hard"!