Thursday, October 11, 2012

In All Seriousness: Tips For Paul Ryan

Now for my Paul Ryan strategy.

It's really simple, it comes down to 3 major points.

#1 Attack
#2 Attack
#3 Attack

Paul needs to show that Obama/Biden have had 4 years and no matter what Joe says its' not working.

He can bring up several key points.  Unemployment just dropped below the level it was at when they took office.  Not only that but only a tenth of a percentage point.  gas is at or about $4 and inflation is starting to stagger.

Since this is the VP debate it really doesn't matter all that much.  It won't do much good but it can do some harm.  I would take the time to float out a few other things just to see if they catch on with the media.

He can bring up the value of the dollar, show how much it's deflated in the past 4 years, how the "easy money" approach to lending hasn't helped anyone but the rich get richer.  This can serve the purpose of connecting with the "common man" and also show that republicans aren't just the party of the 1%.

We all like to think of ourselves as people who live in a fact based society (or at least I do) and not people who vote by feeling, but the vast majority of people do.  If they didn't we would never have democrats.


  1. Hahaha I enjoyed that. Btw, the unemployment drop may be a mistake:

  2. yeah I saw that after I had written this post.

    1. Uh huh. Sure ya did. Right after I sent the link. Good save. :)

    2. yes, that was after I had written the post.

      at no time did I speak a mistruth.

  3. I guess I should have sent Martha the link, too.