Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Keln's Even Deeper Thoughts: Septenary

• Taco Bell is really leading people astray with their food. I mean, their idea of a "gordita" is more like a soft taco using pita bread instead of a tortilla...which is nowhere to be found south of any border.

  And their chalupa is somewhat like what a gordita is in Mexico. Sort of. An actual chalupa is more like a tostada.

  These people are nuts man, nuts. I love Taco Bell food. Except the gordita, which spawned this point...their gorditas plain suck.

• I've been wondering for almost two decades now...really, why do they call one a parkway and the other a driveway?

  Democrats must have named these things.

• Both the Obama and Romney camps seem to be carefully trying not to politicize the hurricane-storm thing. Which is smart...for Romney.

  He has nothing to gain by doing so. Obama has everything to lose by being as incompetent with handling it as he is with handling anything else. And if he just does what he is supposed to do, he won't gain much himself.

  Kind of a win-win for Romney if he just stays out of it. Not a win for those on the East Coast though...man that damage looks bad.

• So the New York Stock Exchange, which is basically "the stock market" in America has been shut down for two days. And we've not entered an economic apocalypse yet.

  So maybe the stock market doesn't actually represent the economy? Maybe? Because Obama has been saying how well the market has been doing during his time in office. Even though people are out of work, tax revenues are down, and the GDP refuses to grow at an appreciable level.

  Something to think about...

• I really just wanted to write one of these tonight because I was incensed about Taco Bell gorditas, which suck. But I'm on a roll now.

• So Disney bought Star Wars. I'll have to get back to all of you on what I think about that once I figure out what I think about that.

  I mean...talk about an October Surprise.

• Oh, and I saw a headline today that there is another Kardashian sex tape on the market.

  You know what would actually be news? That nobody cares and such a piece of trash isn't even marketable on e-Bay. That would be news.

  And also hope for our culture.

• I mean, as long as trash like these Kardashian people and their ilk continue to capture public interest, I must question the chances we have as a species to continue much longer.

  I mean...there are more important things to make headlines over.

• But then, if there weren't brainless shallow twits in this world, there would be no need for a Democrat party.


  1. Your even deeper thoughts make me laugh. And I'll make sure never to try the gordita. :)

  2. Even DEEPER thoughts, though? Walkingdead? are you gonna stand for that?

  3. I'm waiting for the deepest of thoughts. Thoughts so deep no one can possibly grok them. The pseudo-intellectuals will mill about sipping expensive coffee (fair trade and organic, 'natch)saying this or that about the deepest thoughts while the thinker of the deepest thought thinks of deep ways to end their fawning. This will most likely end with the horrible and ironic death by clubbing for the java swilling pseudo-intellectuals.