Wednesday, October 24, 2012

State Department Leaks: Libya

And the liberation of the documents continues.  This appears to be a transcript of a phone conversation between President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton regarding the requests for security in Benghazi.  I wish this would have been uncovered before the debates.

Obama: Hey, Mrs. Bill, what’s up dog?  Can you call me later?  I’m only on the 7th hole.
Clinton: I’ve asked you not to call me that. It’s sexist.
Obama: Would you rather end up in Mitt’s binders?  I think not.  Now make this quick, it’s almost my turn to putt.
Clinton: As I’ve told you repeatedly, the consulate in Benghazi keeps requesting increased security because they are hearing rumors of an upcoming terrorist attack.  I need your approval.
Obama: Benghazi?  Is that even a real place?  Sounds like something made up like Narnia or Asguard or POHKistahn.
Clinton: It's in Libya, sir.
Obama: Now pretend Libya isn’t a made up name as well.  Hold for just a minute.  Booyah!  Sunk it! Double bogey!  Beat that one, Achmed.
Achmed: (Barely perceptible in the background) Double bogey, my a#$.  Is that the same math you use to calculate your budgets?
Obama: So where is this alleged Libya, exactly?
Clinton: It’s in Northern Africa, sir.
Obama: Oh, it’s in Africa.  No worries, dog.  They’re my homeboys.  My peeps.  African Americans love me.  They won’t mess with America while I am in charge.
Clinton: There are no African Americans in Libya, sir. 
Obama: Are you trying to tell my your pasty white a*% knows more about Africa than my African American self?  Is that what you are trying to say to me, Mrs. Bill?
Clinton: I mean no disrespect sir, but the population in Libya is mainly Arab, and it has become a new Al Qaeda stronghold.  There could be real violence against our consulate there.
Obama: How long have you been Secretary of State?  Do you even watch the news?  Fore!!!!!  Al Qaeda is dead, beeyatch!  I killed them!  Cut off their head!  The War on Terror is over. Ergo, there will be no attack in Libya.  I thought you claimed to be part of the reality based community.
Clinton: I still think that we should take seriously these requests for more security from those people on the ground who know more about what is going on there.
Obama: Did you just imply that someone knew more than me?  Did you?  
Clinton: No, sir…
Obama: OK, if you are really worried, here is what you do.  Do we have any guns left over from Fast and Furious?  Just ship them over.  


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    1. You know, I don't just make this stuff up. I have my sources. Christine's father in law reports directly to Hillary.