Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Stav Teaser

Hey so I have that interview with Stav Blackmane coming up this week.  I'm just putting the finishing touches on editing. I sent him this email the other day because I forgot a few questions, to my surprise he got back to me quickly.  I hope that means we're besties now.

I did think you could use a tease.  We talked about a lot of stuff...

NP: Someone said to me the other day:  “You didn't answer that ‘what would you say to Obama if you had five minutes with him’ question in your last interview. What would you say if you had to debate him on stage?”

SB: That’s a good question, and although while the answer I’m going to give you is true, I feel obligated to let you know that I came up with most of this response several years ago when, for a time, it looked likely that I was going to have to debate Al Sharpton.  That actually fell through and never happened, but again, what I thought then is still applicable now.

If I was on stage with Obama, I’d say:

To be honest, I do have a problem with you, but it’s not really YOU, it’s me.  It is *my* problem, and something I’ve been dealing with for a long, long time.  And in fact while it is still not about YOU specifically, I’ve got to admit that I have a problem with your people. 

Now let me stop right there and clarify that this isn't a racist thing.  Terms like “your people” or “you people” have long been interpreted as racist catch-phrases, perhaps often correctly, but that’s not how I’m using it. I’m not referring to you being black, or mixed, or any other ethnicity.  I don’t care about that.  And it may come as a surprise to my conservative brethren that I’m also not referring to Liberals or Marxists as “your people” either.  THAT concern is a grown-up one, and although I despise and abhor Marxism, that stance comes easy to me.  No, what I’m referring to is something primal, something either instinctive or if not instinctive then no less a reflexive reaction for having been learned. 

And it’s not your fault. This goes all the way back to my early childhood. In fact let me emphasize how non-racist this is by admitting that due to this issue when I was a small child I used to keep one of my toys locked in the bottom of a filing cabinet, and never played with it. And it was white, not that that mattered.

Also, it turns out that this is a fairly common affliction; for example author Steven King, after a fashion, once wrote about “it”, and even one of your ardent supporters has created a poster based on this very theme…

The truth is it’s not your race, it’s not that you’re a Marxist, it’s really not about you at all.

It’s *my* problem. It’s just…

It's just that I've had a life-long, deep-seated aversion to evil clowns! 

Link to Part 1
Link to Part 2


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  2. I'd vote for Stav based upon this exchange alone. LOL

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