Friday, October 19, 2012

Tactical Nuke: Friday, October 19, 2012

• Obama says killing only four Americans isn't optimal. Or something.

  Wow...really? So, Obama is giving advice to terrorists about how many Americans they ought to kill to be more efficient? I mean, I'm not trying to spin anything here, but how else can I take such a thing?

  Either Obama couldn't care less about some dead Americans in Libya, or he is disappointed in how ineffective the attack was.

  So either he is a heartless degenerate, or the enemy. Which could it be?

  I've never seen a president fail as much as this guy can in mere weeks. Remember when political pundits said in 2008 that Obama would be tested on foreign policy? They probably didn't realize it would take until 2012 for that testing to take place.

• Romney is leading in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, possibly Ohio, and Florida. I mean, we're talking either swing states or blue states here.

  Official NP prediction: landslide victory for Romney. It seems obvious that would have been the case, considering Obama's ridiculous first term, but the poll numbers are starting to tell the tale...finally.

• Latest attempts by reporters to find a consensus attitude of young Obama supporters feelings about the Benghazi incident yield results of "where's Benghazi?" and "Libya is an actual country?".

  I'm not making this up.

• Carry on.

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