Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tactical Nuke: Wednesday, October 24, 2012

• Hey! It's Woden's Day! Seriously...that is a really silly name for a pagan god. Woden?

  By Woden's beard! Did he have a beard? Was he supposed to be a he? There are a lot of questions about this Wednesday etymology that remain woden-fully unanswered.

  Hehe, see what I did there? No? Hm.

• Obama administration to Libya: "Can we please, most humbly and honorably ask this suspect who might have destroyed our consulate and/or murdered our ambassador a few questions? Please?"

  Libya: "No. Go away."

  Obama foreign policy anyone?

• So, according to Obama, after a bill is signed into law...such as that sequestration thingy...Obama can just wave his hand and make it go away.

  At least, that's what he implied during the debate.

  Along with the idea that the Navy doesn't even need ships. Or horses. Or bayonets.

• So the U.S. Navy is now obsolete. Really. Because ships don't stop the teroritz from attacking us. And they don't give Obama any votes.

  So ships are like yesterday's news. Go away, stupid dumb old ships! You're not wanted no more.

• So Biden goes to Ohio to stump for Obama. Ohio man (a commoner, mind you) says to Biden "enjoy your last few months as Vice President", and, "just because you're a good guy doesn't mean you're a good vice president".

 Well said, guy from Ohio, well said. 

• Carry on smartly.


  1. Woden does not seem a godlike name at all. Nothing like, say, "Anonymiss". Much better. Anonymissday. Can't be any harder to spell than Wednesday. Geez.

    I sent you another email. Just making sure you got it.

    Enjoy your Anonymissday! :P (who knows? Maybe it'll catch on!)

    1. Woden is actually Odin, but I still think "Woden" is a funny name. Like Obama is a funny name...until you get to know the guy.

      Not laughing now...

  2. P.S. Where is walkingdead? Geez. It's no fun when he doesn't post.