Wednesday, October 17, 2012

walkingdead's Deep Thoughts: October 17, 20-12

  • It's not fair that Romney has a binder full of women, and all I have is a binder full of old D&D characters I'll never use again.

  • Honestly, if you think about it. The only thing I'm actually good at is telling you all the things I'm bad at.

         At everything else I'm just mediocre.
  • You remember in 08 when Palin debated Biden, and everyone on the right said PALIN WON, and everyone on the left just said she did better than we expected but she didn't win.

          Last night was kind of like that.

         I don't know anyone who was so naive to think that Obama was going to tank it again, but lets face the facts, Obama didn't exactly bring it.

         To put it in baseball terms, Obama pitched well, but he didn't his as hard as Romney, and Romney did both well enough for me.

         To put it in curling terms, Romney threw the rock better, and swept better, Obama just shouted louder.

         I really don't know anything about curling.

         It is an amazing sport though.
  • Good night.

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  1. You're really good at random, if that makes you feel any better.