Monday, October 22, 2012

Walkingdead's Vacation By The Numbers

  • Amount of beer drank by ounces = 235
  • Miles driven = 508 (round trip plus time there
  • Number of egg roll covered cheese sticks eaten = 5
  • How delicious were they on a scale of 1-10 = awesome
  • Amount of money won at the casino =$2.50
  • % of sanity returned =73%
  • Amount of time spent lost in the hotel that I wasn't staying at =10 minutes
  • Amount of time spent laughing at occupy traverse city =15 minutes
  • Amount of awkward conversations with girls =0
  • Amount of conversations with girls (not including waitresses or bartenders) =0
  • Good Night


  1. 235 ounces of beer? That isn't even a slab.

    Light weight.

    Was probably light beer too...

    1. my drinking time was actually pretty finite. I didn't make it to two of the brew pubs I was hoping.

  2. We had a couple of nuking politics conversations. Don't I count as a girl? Fine!

    1. sorry, I meant in person. you didn't come out to surprise me like I assumed you would.

    2. You went on a beer tour that didn't include Wisconsin? I didn't know that was possible. I just assumed your route would include my neighborhood. There are two bars within walking distance. No, three. Too bad I don't drink. :)

    3. if you dont drink... how do you make the sadness go away?

      oh, and michigan is the great beer state... sooooooo

    4. The only person I have ever heard claim Michigan as the "beer state" is you Walkingdead. Everyone else in the country considers Wisconsin to be the beer state.

      Because there is little else to do there...

    5. Wisconsin brews more beer, but that's because they have budwiser there. Wisconsin also has a smaller population so they also win per capita, but we have over 100 and are growing every year.

  3. Alcohol is a depressant. It doesn't make sadness go away, it makes it come. I don't even like sad movies.

    I like hugs for making sadness go away. That and Zumba. I love Zumba. Oh, and chocolate and coconut and vanilla and cinnamon. I love to bake lots of cookies.

    *budweiser ;)