Saturday, October 13, 2012

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Whiskey tango foxtrot!

You know, there is something that seems to be overlooked a lot in this election cycle that should really get most American's blood boiling. I speak of the war in Afghanistan. It's like the Democrats' own little Vietnam now. Between that war and Iraq, the left claims to have only supported the war in Afghanistan. By "support", I mean not say Bush went there only for oil...because Afghanistan doesn't have any.

But they don't support the war, not in any meaningful way. I speak especially of the Obama administration, that seems to view soldiers in a volunteer army as the expendable green plastic toy soldiers most of us guys had as kids. But even most of us had heartfelt burial ceremonies for our little green soldiers (especially that one that was holding a rifle over his head and apparently yelling...what was his job anyway?). The president only offers lip service when the caskets come home, and other than that, appeasement to any Muslim group that wishes to use him to tie our military's hands behind their backs. 

I saw a story today about some light colonel in the army, an instructor at the Defense University, who teaches a course on militant Islam...kind of a "why they do what they do 101" class. Groups like CAIR, and Muslim Brotherhood offshoots in America pressured the military, through this administration, to basically railroad that guy's career. There is a lawsuit pending.

But the thing that really drove me to even write this was a recent revelation that our troops, and also the British, are being forbidden from engaging Taliban or other groups at night, as to not upset the locals with all of that gunfire noise. The problem is, night time is when the bad guys plant IEDs, and our troops aren't allowed to shoot them even when they catch them doing could lower property values or something.

This administration has been slowly castrating our military over the past four years. From getting rid of "Don't ask don't tell", which is already causing a ton of problems, to restricting our soldiers' ability to fight the enemy by instituting a ridiculous set of Rules of Engagement, which basically state that, unless the entire Taliban is attacking you, and has already wiped out half of your unit, you are not allowed to fire back. Add to that this latest "don't fight at night" crap.

Nations committed vast resources in past decades to furthering their ability to fight at night, because it lends a whole array of tactics to a commander's arsenal. Denying our troops the ability to use that, especially in the face of IEDs being planted during that time, tells me one thing: Obama doesn't want to win Afghanistan. Whether that is because he is "in league" with terrorists or fundamentalist Islamist, I'll leave to conspiracy theorists to debate. What I do know is, Obama simply doesn't care about the war, nor the troops for that matter.

And concerning the left, this is nothing new. They've never cared about the troops, no matter how much they claim to. They see veterans and active duty alike as gun toting bitter-clingers anyway, and we aren't the type to vote for why care?

Deaths in Afghanistan right now are ramping up, not fading as was supposed to be the case. And the mainstream media has little to say about it. The president...well forget it, he hasn't even mentioned it that I know of. Why? He doesn't care, and neither do those who side with him. They all screamed about military deaths when Bush was in office...only to gain political points. Now...they don't even pretend to care about our troops. You don't see the constant troop death counts in the media like you used to...but they are still getting killed. That number is still adding up. And not because our troops are actually invading a country like during the Bush years. Now it is because our troops aren't getting what they need to carry on the mission.

Again, I have to reference the Biden-Ryan debate: showing weakness is deadly.  Telling the enemy that, don't worry, we'll be gone in a couple months, means the enemy will wait it out and take over after we leave. And telling the enemy that "don't worry", we won't shoot you at night, tells the enemy to do what they want to do at night.

It is absolutely insane, how this administration handles foreign policy and wars.

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