Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Who Do the Democrats Consider to be Americans?

You know, I am starting to wonder who Democrats think of as "Americans". I mean, like mainstream Americans who care about the economy, and jobs, and education, and world affairs, and important stuff like that.

Because, according to Democrats, women aren't in that category. Nor are black people. Or Latinos. Or gay people. Or the poor. Or anyone else that belongs to some "group" defined by the Democrats. The only remaining people are white males who aren't in poverty. And that kind of explains why things like jobs and the economy and such don't seem that important to the Democrats, because those aren't the issues that their assigned groups care about...

To the Democrats, women only care about their "lady parts". Yes, the average female, again according to the Democrats, is a moronic floozy that only cares about birth control and abortions. Things like an economy that is falling apart, dangerous situations developing in the world, high unemployment, high gas prices, a bad health care bill, poor education standards, and high taxes not only don't bother women...they can't even understand that stuff. Women just want birth control and free abortions...because they are dumb floozies.

To the Democrats, black people are "minorities". Like, little people or something. Democrats must believe that black people are incapable of holding a job or paying attention in school, because they must be taken care of especially by government. I mean, if government wasn't there to feed and clothe black people, then they would all just die off. That's how Africa became depopulated. Thousands of years ago, the Africa government just collapsed, and the survivors somehow escaped to America where a new government was waiting to take care of them.

To the Democrats, Latinos are just "minorities" too. Also incapable of cogent thought or taking care of themselves. Why, to the Democrats, minorities can't possibly get a driver's license or state I.D. or anything with their picture on it and their name. It's those evil Republicans that are trying to keep both Latinos and Blacks from being able to vote with voter ID laws, because dumb stupid minorities don't even know how to leave their own government housing, much less find a DMV or some other place to get an ID.

To the Democrats, if you aren't a white American from European descent, then you are a hyphenated American. African-American. Hispanic-American. Asian-American. Native-American. Pacific Islander-American. You're not a "real" American, because real Americans are only white Europeans. And if you aren't a male, you're just a woman who doesn't understand these politics things.

To the's the Republicans that are racist, sexist, and bigoted.


  1. That was bloody brilliant!
    Bacon for you!

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