Friday, November 2, 2012

Any Day Now the Apology Is Coming

I'm still waiting for that apology that should be coming any day from the Obama camp because of Romney's comments on Chrysler.  Everybody can relax though, I'm not holding my breath.

I'm sure by now everyone has heard about Romney saying Jeep assembly is moving to China, and the crazy fall out that happened because of it.  There is some real contention on if it was all jeep manufacturing, or just manufacturing for China.  It really doesn't matter.  Even though he was just regurgitating a report, he was (mostly) right.

Now it seems that Chrysler is looking to send jeep production, and possibly more to Italy.  The owner of Fiat, I'm pretty sure his name is Bob Fiat recently went on the record and said (and I'm paraphrasing here)  SUCK IT AMERICA ALL THE JEEP BELONG TO US.

like I said I was paraphrasing.  The real facts are that Fiat is tanking pretty bad, the Italian economy sucks, and they need a way to boost sales over there.  How do you do that?  provide jobs, and lobby for tax credits.  Cuz as much as we complain about taxes here, Italy is like America if Obama had his way.

I still don't understand why people say GM and Chrysler have been "saved".  They're both far from it.  You give any company 50 billion dollars and they will find a way to be successful for a few months, to a few years.

What really bothered me is when GM went public (for the second time) they (obama's people) put a member of the union and a member of the administration on the board of directors.

We can debate the merits or flaws of unions all day long, that's kind of a conflict of interest there, same with the gobment guy.  Why don't you just put Dracula on the Red Cross board,  or me on the Happy and Well Adjusted People's board.  It's just plain wrong.

That's just what I think.



  1. "Comming"?

    Moving Jeep to the fancy dishes? Or did you mean China, with a capital "C"?

    GM and Chrysler are "a sauces"? I thought they were automobile companies.

    That's right, I come wielding the Grammar Hammer.

  2. Hahahahahaha you should post the photo of the homemade political sign I saw and sent in yesterday. Poor spelling can really bite you in the butt. :)

    Can I be walkingdead's proofreader?

  3. Keln I started using the program you told me to use. note tab light... and this is what I get. Never in the history of Nuking Politics did I ever have any spelling errors until now.

    I considered just taking the post down all together.

    1. Actually, most of your posts have similar errors. I just decided to start waving around the Grammar Hammer now.

      And you still need to capitalize the "L" at the beginning of "Like I said, I was paraphrasing". And a comma after "said".

      Also a comma is needed between "Bob Fiat" and "recently".

      And capitalize the "P" in "provide jobs".

      Bammer! Bammer! Grammar Hammer!

    2. Geez. I think it makes him appear nonchalant. It works for him. I was just kidding. I also think he enjoys bugging you, Keln, as much as you enjoy me bugging him. :P

  4. Hahahahaha those doggone spelling error programs!