Thursday, November 29, 2012

I Love This Guy

He sums up all my thoughts on everything.


  1. Yeah, I'm a fan myself. My favorite episode of his was when he explained why it is so idiotic for black people to vote for Democrats. He broke it down, starting with slavery and the Civil War through civil rights and showed how Democrats haven't changed, they've just adjusted their tactics.

  2. Geez I thought I was pretty conservative in my abortion views...until I listened to that. I've always considered myself "pro-choice" because I think that a woman should get to choose...if she chose to have sex, she made her choice. If she conceives a baby, she has already chosen. If she didn't choose to have sex, (rape or incest) and a baby is conceived then she should be allowed to make a choice. Carrying a baby is never an easy thing. I had relatively easy pregnancies but it is still a sacrifice. Even in the BEST circumstances. To do so in the case of incest or rape would be an incredibly beautiful sacrifice for the life of a child. But I believe she should get to make that choice. I don't think that sacrifice should be inflicted on her. But that's me. I see his point, too. But the blowing out snot is one thing when it came out of your own nose. When someone else forcefully sticks it in there should you be required to suck it up? Hmm. It is so sad that anyone would ever have to make such a huge decision. Now are you gonna kick me off NP for being too liberal? :)

  3. In light of the abortion discussion, I also thought this link was interesting: