Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I Never Liked Exit Polls

I was planning on spending election day celebrating my usual way by standing on a busy street corner with my “Honk if You’re Horny” sign, but since I’m a small-time blogger now, I should probably do something more productive.  I was going to hang out at the polls and conduct the first ever Nuking Politics exit polls, but then I realized that exit polls are boring.  I think my time can be better spent conducting entrance polls.  Below is my poll question tree.  Go forth, my minions, and do likewise.  Just say you are a pollster for the Obama Campaign.
PS. It didn’t seem to go as well as anticipated.  I got picked up by Obama’s browncoats.  They were disguised as Salt Lake City PD, but I know they were Obama’s browncoats. 
PPS. Keln, I kind of need bail money.  Can we install a tip jar on the blog?


  1. You should have just shown these "brown shirts" that flow chart. In the time it took for them to get through it, you could have been in the next county.

    1. Are you implying the flowchart was TLDR too?

    2. No. I would only say such a snarky thing to Walkingdead.

      I am implying something more about their intelligence level than your flow chart. I found it easy to follow and funny.

    3. I figured that. I was just being facetious. It's ok to snark at my, btw. I'm arrogant. I can take it.