Monday, November 12, 2012

Oh Man, Not Him

Last Friday in my first post since I declared my intention to put a preliminary committing together to test the viability of me possibly running for the president of the united states in 20-16.  I promised no sex scandals.

Two days in and I'm still doing great, General Petraeus is not however.  This entire thing is kind of coming at a rather odd time considering he was supposed to testify about major breaches of intelligence  that could possibly hurt Obama and some other white house staffers.

It does surprise me that Nuking Politics wasn't able to bring this scoop considering our own lactose the intolerant has a man on the inside.  

Back to General P though, I don't understand why he did it.  I mean as a dude I understand, have you seen them?  As a person who aspires to some sort of higher office I don't.  I mean it's not like we have a history of just sayin, "you know what... Go ahead, you earned it" when it comes to sex scandals.  It truly takes a man with a giant... ego to do this sort of thing, and think he's going to get away with it.



    Btw, I think "General Petraeus" sounds like a comic book villain. Don't you think?

    1. You think the alleged mistresses are sexy, huh? Hmm.