Sunday, July 14, 2013

You Feed It, You Own It

A proposed law in Philadelphia would make it illegal to feed feral cats.  It stands as a perfect metaphor for our out of control government, how it got that way, and what we need to do about it.  How do we control the size of government?  Duh.  Stop feeding it.

Here's a brief summary of what's going on and how it got that way.

1.  Some mice show up in a Philly neighborhood.
2.  A stray cat shows up and eats one of them.
3.  Liberal sees this, says "how cute", and rewards the cat with some food.
4.  The mice population grows.
5.  Couple more cats show up.
6.  They get free food like the first one.
7.  More mice and more cats appear.
8.  Cats discover that catching mice is work, so they learn to eat the free food from the libs.
9.  Cats get lazy, mice prosper.
10. Libs, alarmed at the number of mice, put out more food to attract more cats.
11. Situation grows out of control, libs begin to panic at size of mouse population.
12. Libs have meeting, decide problem is not enough cats, make plan to attract more.
13. Feeding cats becomes mandatory.
14. Cats figure out how this works, start importing mice.
15. Cats organize, establish bureaucracy to enforce feeding.
16. New bureaucracies formed to audit feeding, imprison non-feeders
17. Millions of dollars squandered by cats for lavish conferences, huge balls of yarn, catnip, and vacations in Africa.
18. Whole thing spins out of control, cats and mice now work together to enlarge scheme.
19. Libs in neighborhood decide the whole problem is caused by dogs, put cats in charge.
20. Libs call for euthanizing all dogs, declare problem solved.
21. Cats launch secret plan to take over entire world.
22. Mice destroy entire neighborhood.

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