Thursday, January 24, 2013

How to Protest Injustice: A Beginners Primer

Now that comrade Obama has been sworn in for his first second term (I'm pretty sure he's gonna run again, at least I hope) its important to know that people protest things.

No really they do, I don't know why.  Czar Obama is the greatest thing to happen to us since our mothers made their choice, and their choice alone to not terminate our pregnancy's.  I think its high time someone puts together a beginners primer for how to protest correctly.  I see far too many people  doing it the wrong way. so here are a few pointers.

#1  No rape.
when you look at a large protest movement eventually rape is going to come into play.  I mean no decent person would ever rape anyone, but we are talking about near anarchist Obama supporters here.  Sure they masquerade as this middle group just wanting justice for all the evils that wall street does.  You know like providing  good paying jobs for people with educations, and allowing people to retire early because of the smart investments they've made.  So when you think about it, those guys are jerks.

I guess it turns out Wall street had it coming just like a girl who got a little too flirty on a Friday night.

#2  You need a catchy slogan that rhymes.
No KKK no Pro life USA, no Nazi's.
See this is a perfect example. The KKK and Nazi's are exactly the same.  They both hated what we tend to call today "minority" groups.  The Nazi's were totally into eugenics, and killed 6 million Jews for the simple fact that Hitler hated bagels.  Honestly that's the only reason.

Conversely Planned parenthood also believed in eugenics and has aided in the deaths of over 50 million unborn babies because, when you break it down, it's totally the babies fault that mommy and daddy are irresponsible.  So you can clearly see how the KKK and Pro life USA are exactly the same.

#3  Always get a permit
My future Ex-wife Rachel Maddow points out here about how not a single one of the anti-Obama protest groups got a permit.  10 minutes of research would have proved her wrong, but she went ahead and did the brave thing by being wrong for the 3,252nd time this year.  A daunting task considering we're only 24 days into the year.

So those are just a few tips for how to protest, or better yet, what not to do when protesting.

And if I could leave you with a final thought, Other than you should never start a sentence with the word and. Wish me a happy birthday. I deserve it.  I have gone 34 years by not taking the easy way out.


  1. THAT'S the walkingdead we all know and love. NP has MISSED you!

    Future ex-wife. Awesome. You'd make quite an odd pair.

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