Friday, November 9, 2012

Tactical Nuke: Friday, November 9, 2012

• So, a bunch of Navy SEALs, including one that was on the team that took out Osama bin Laden, are being punished for doing consulting work with a video game company.

  Yeah, they let the cat out of the bag on some stuff when consulting for Medal of Honor: Warfighter. Sure...sounds great to have a more realistic shooter game out there. But do you really think potential adversaries won't be playing those games, learning how awesome our stuff is? So, if you are in a position to know secrets, keep your mouth shut. Most of them are boring anyway.

• McDonald's has shown a drop in sales for the first time in a decade. And they are blaming the economy or something.

  Could it be that McD's is nasty? Seriously, ever since I became a dad, I have realized that McD's stinks. Except that steak breakfast bagel thing. It is evil. It will kill you. And it is delicious. They need to move that to the regular menu.

• I don't like Sean Hannity. There, I said it.

  I dunno...he reminds me of the conservative equivalent of a plastic Christmas tree. He's just so corny and plastic or something. Hard to put words to it.

• Holder may not be the Attorney General much longer...says news headlines.

  I dunno. We'll find out after his day in court I expect. Now that the election is over, there are all sorts of cases that might be tried, now that Obama has the flexibility to withdraw executive privilege.

• Hey! That gives Obama a secondary use for his campaign bus. Throwing people from his last administration under it.

  Now that's what I call being fiscal.

• Carry on smartly.

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  1. I've never liked Sean Hannity. I don't like people who just toe a party line and never give up the position. It's hard to admit, but sometimes conservatives are wrong.

    Not often though, it usually involves where to go to lunch rather than fiscal policy.

    Plus he reminds me of my uncle Paul, and I wan't that guy to get hit by a bus.