Thursday, November 8, 2012

Walkingdead's Deep Thoughts: October 8, 20-12

  • So I'm starting to make my Christmas list out.
  • So you know if you wanna.
  • As a fun project I've wanted a media streaming computer for a while.  It looks like between donations from work people, and some really cheap computer purchases, I will be able to make one for under 300 bucks.  I'm starting with THIS case.
  • If anyone has a bootleg version of windows XP for me so I can do the upgrade to windows 8 let me know.
  • Rand Paul
  • Paul Ryan
  • Bobby Jindal
  • Chris Christie
  • Marco Rubio

         All names of people I can't wait to hear from in 4 years.

         I can't wait to be on a stage with these men debating issues.

        Honestly this is just a short list for my VP choices.

        I'm gonna start vetting them now.

Good Night


  1. Well, I dunno about the Wii, and the Nexus thingies...

    But as a homebrewer for years, I'd say avoid the kits and just google or ask for advice from homebrewers with experience. Like me, for instance.

    And before building a computer, google or ask for advice from people who build their own computers.

    Like me, for instance. Here's a hint...when picking a case, go for max air flow and space. When choosing a power supply, go modular. Etc...

    1. Keln, do you know EVERYTHING? (Except about the Wii, of course)

      I know about the Wii. Buy Just Dance. I have 3 different ones. They're awesome. I hear there's a Zumba one too that has a belt so the controller goes on your waist and monitors your hip movement. Still need to try that one.

      But you'll have to go to know-it-all Keln if your want beer or computer making advice. But how boring would that be?

    2. as far as the computer goes I have a case, its gonna be super low power so air flow won't matter. it's basically just going to be a work around to get things like torrent's and hulu on my tv without paying for hulu+.

      I know how to build a computer. what kind of a nerd do you think I am?

      with the beer kit it comes with necessary equipment like a carboy and things you can't get normally.

    3. Actually, I don't know much Anonymiss. Just brewing and computer building happen to be hobbies of mine.

      Sorry WD, I missed the part about it being basically a bare bones computer.

      As far as the beer kit goes, one of the reasons I recommend not getting a kit is the stuff they give you in kits is usually really cheap junk that you'll have to replace if you want to brew anything good. I like that it comes with a glass carboy (the collapsible plastic ones that a lot of kits give you are a pain in the butt to use). Over all it looks like a good kit...even has a hydrometer which is a must have for a good brew.

      But seems a bit pricey. You could buy everything you need for less I would think. And I would highly recommend two hydrometers, because there is a high probability that you will break the first one.

      Brewing is a great hobby, let me know if you have any questions if you get into it. The first brew is a real trial, after that it's all fun.

      Oh...and "rinse-less cleaner"...rinse anyway.