Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tactical Nuke: Thursday, November 8, 2012

• Ok, so now it is time to quit the reflecting and beer-crying type stuff and getting back to what we do best here at NP: making fun of those clowns in the White House and their sideshow sidekicks in Washington.

• So another storm hit the Northeast. Will Obama just laugh at them this time? I mean, that's basically what he did before, without the laughing part. Now he has more flexibility.

• Did you hear? Californians actually voted to increase their taxes. Because I guess, along with the cost of living there, taxes just weren't high enough.

  Funny how some are calling this a "fiscally responsible" move by the voters. What idiotic nonsense is that? When someone spends too much money and gets themselves in debt, the answer is never to give them more money. They'll just spend that too.

  Besides, most of the people who voted for it probably aren't even paying taxes.

• Speaking of Obama's new "flexibility", mere hours after winning the election, his minions have told the UN that the horrible arms treaty talks are back on.

  Luckily, nothing the President agrees to with the UN is binding unless Congress signs off on it...which won't happen. Because, unlike Obama, most of Congress isn't so "flexible".

• Herman Cain is calling for a 3rd party. The problem with 3rd parties are that they just can't win elections. All they do is divide one party or another.

  But it could be time to replace the Republican party. I don't know how that works really, but the Republican party did it by replacing the Whigs.

• I'm still trying to figure out if Cain is a nut or not, but I can't argue his case that the Republican establishment just seems to be completely clueless.

• Carry On.


  1. "flexibility". Just sayin

    If you can dish it out, you have to be able to take it. :)

    Good post, btw.

    1. You don't recall the grammar hanmer?

    2. No. What's a grammar hanmer?

    3. Hahahahahaha
      That is a very good question. :)

    4. we need a like or +1 button for comments, I want to do that to what Keln said.

    5. As far as I can tell there isn't anything available like that. I'm already thinking of ditching the post rating thing, as it isn't being used properly.

      As in, you keep rating your own posts. It's for consumer input WD, not self-aggrandizement.