Wednesday, November 7, 2012

An Open Letter To The GOP

Dear GOP:

You and I have been together for a long long time.   I literally can't remember my life without you.  Some days though, some days I feel like... I don't know.  Checking out my options.

See I hate to feel like I'm settling for you.  I may be crazy, but you are all I know.  Do I want to go my entire life thinking I was missing out on something when all I was really doing was settling for you.

See I used to be excited.  Back when I was a kid and you were Reagan I thought you were the Bee's Knee's.  you were proud and strong.  you didn't take no guff from anyone.  You stood up to the bullies and protected me from any and all harm.

When you were Bush (41) I liked you.  sure you said a few things to me that I didn't really like, but as a 9/10/11 year old it didn't really effect me all that much.  I read your lips.  "No new taxes" you said.  It wasn't that simple though.  We all know it never is.

In 96 when you were Bob Dole I got concerned.  I just didn't understand how that happened.  it was a rough spot for both of us.  I still wasn't old enough to vote or anything, but I decided that the best thing I could do was to push the message.

2000 is when things got interesting.  I was very excited for the both of us.  Clinton was gone by virtue of term limits and bush (43) seemed different.  He was a breath of fresh air.  he was just like me... you know except a millionaire.  "Finally a sugar daddy" I though.  I was young and thought I knew everything.  Why would I vote for the Tennessee Robot?  Bush offered a clear new vision.  He was gonna bring back the honor in our relationship.  Rebuild it.  I was going to be able to trust you again.

I'm still not sure if you let me down or not.

Look we both made a mistake with McCain.  I don't want to talk about that.  we were slumming it back then and we both deserve the same amount of blame for that one.

Romney felt different though.  This one was scary, and although it didn't feel right (at first, or ever) I thought I could grow to care.

You and I need to sit down real soon.  We need to grab some dinner; I'LL COOK!  You bring a box of wine and maybe some nice bread from that bakery I like.  You know the one in downtown Plymouth.  Also some pepperoni rolls from there.  Then stop and get a growler of steamy window's from liberty street brewing.  I know its a bit cliche to get something from liberty street, but you know, they make good beer.

Anyway, we can sit down and talk about our direction.  We need our future to be secure if this is going to continue.  I'm not sure Keln will let me keep blogging here if I go all Keynesian green party on him.

Your pal and partner

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  1. Love it. I totally should have written that one. I hope your special date works out for you. You cook, huh? ;)