Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tactical Nuke: Wednesday, November 28, 2012

• Anyone see the report the other day about France backing the Palestine Authority's bid to upgrade their status at the U.N. from 'entity' to 'state'?

  Well, apparently that helped Germany come to a decision on the matter: they're not going to back such an upgrade.

  Basically, that seems to be the smart thing to do in Europe right now...wait until France makes a decision on something, then choose the opposite as you know the French way will most likely be the wrong way.

• So, I am still cautiously optimistic about events in Egypt. The people, aside from the diehard Islamists, are protesting like they did against Mubarak, almost to say "what part of we don't want a dictator didn't you understand?".

  But then, they did vote in Morsi. It is a very confusing situation, especially when you consider that most of the protesters are Muslims, and seem to be against the Muslim Brotherhood.

• Carry On.


  1. All of this is beyond my comprehension. I'll trust you to figure it all out and keep me informed. Too complicated and confusing...and it doesn't help that the media reporting it has a really bad...well...truth filter. Ya never know whether you can believe what you read or not. Ugh.

    1. There is a trick to it. Read from multiple sources, even reports from the left. It's kind of like triangulating a signal with three points.

      When you see certain aspects discussed more loudly at one source, and other aspects at another source, then those are the biases. Filter those out and you have a pretty reliable idea of what is going on.

  2. Thank you. I've been trying it. Somewhat of an art, I'm finding. I was always lousy at art.

    Since I never really paid any attention to Detroit...I'm trying to glean what's going on. Could you give me the cliff's notes version?