Friday, November 2, 2012

Walkingdead's Deep Thoughts: November 2, 20-12

  • So its Friday

  • This is usually the day where I drink without pants on.

  • Unfortunately it's too cold for that.

  • I got hit with the “grammar hammer” today.

  • I didn't feel a thing.

  • After the last 33 years it's gonna take more than correcting my spelling to get under my skin.

  • For advice on how to get under my skin consult your local library, or any of my ex-girlfriends.

  • They are all terrible people.

  • Like Obama.

  • I don't think he's a terrible person.

  • He just sees the world differently than I do.

  • So I shaved for Movember.

  • I'm going to watch the Conan remake today.

  • I don't think it will be any good, but I gotta have netflix for something.

  • Good night


  1. I wasn't aware of Movember until now. But I did shave yesterday morning, but that was because I had to shave off my big beard for work.

    I don't have to do that for another year now, so I will regrow my beard.

    So yeah, I basically (fully) shave once a year now. It's kind of nice.

    1. PICTURES PICTURES PICTURES!! I want to see the clean shaven nuking politics team!! I look exactly like my picture. No beard to shave or nuthin. Boring, huh?

    2. Well if I wanted a picture of myself on here, I wouldn't have gone to the trouble of making that super cool yellow icon there representing me. That took me a while.

    3. But the icon is clean shaven! And you weren't! That's like purposely deceitful or something ;) It's looking familiar for some reason....

      And walkingdead doesn't seem averse to posting his pic...I think we need one minus the beard...and then another with the mustache.

  2. And let me get this straight...your ex-girlfriends...plural...are all more terrible-r than Obama? Did I understand that correctly?

    1. yes, they are all horrible people... way worse than Obama.

      he lasted for (hopefully) only four years... but I knew when it came to an end.

      they were much shorter, but much more damaging. not to the nation... but to myself.

    2. :( Do you just have really bad taste, or what?

    3. I know about that. This whole disastrous weekend is due to the fact that I once had the same problem. :(