Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Walkingdeads's Deep Thoughts: November 20, 20-12

  • I swear my life is just flashing before my eyes.

         This time next week I'm gonna be 40.

         I'm still 6 years and 2 months away from it.

         But it's gonna be here next week.

  • I really need this 4 day weekend bad.

         Worse than a hooker needs heroin to feed her children.

         That's what they feed them right?

  • I started watching sons of anarchy.

         That show is so good.

          It's like the Soprano's, but substitute Italians for motorcycles.

          I can't believe people didn't make me watch this show sooner.

          I have nobody to blame but all of you really.

  • I'm staying late at work the next 2 days.
         The good news is, if everyone leaves early I can take my pants off.

          That joke was originally a lot dirtier when I wrote it this morning, but you know... Keln can be a jerk about things sometimes.
  • so starting in 20-14 the big 10 will have 14 teams in it.
         It will still be called the big 10.

        Because, well math is hard.
  • This week I've felt like I finally ran out of words to say stuff, and have them mean things.
          I'm pretty sure that's still the case.
  • Good Night

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