Tuesday, November 20, 2012

War Update - 11/20/2012

There is tremendous fighting going on over in Gaza, and it changes moment by moment so it can be difficult to keep up with the details. 

I’m posting below the “best” (as far as I know) live video feeds from the region.  Please be aware that they come and go, sometimes have no active signal, and other times show a cityscape with nothing happening for hours. But when battle breaks out, it is online. A few minutes ago, the teleport link (the first one listed below) showed Gaza lit up with flares and fighting resuming, but then it went black.  I expect it will be back.

Please be aware that several of these feeds (in fact probably all of them) are hosted by organizations with whom I politically disagree.  They’re largely pro-Palestinian, whereas I’m adamantly pro-Israel.  But a camera feed is a camera feed.  And just to make things clear, while war is tragic and awful and to be avoided whenever possible, I'm actually OK with the fate of the Hamas HQ as recorded here: 




One of the very best active forums that I’ve encountered (and participate in) for staying abreast of the up-to-the-very-moment details is at Godlike Productions:

Warning: This thread is a fast-paced discussion, hosted on an anything-goes fever-swamp conspiracy forum.  It is filled with adult language, numerous trolls (especially from Canada and Australia for some reason, and although they keep getting banned, they keep resurfacing under new IDs), but the very instant a rooster crows or something goes BANG! on the live feeds, or numerous twitter accounts, etc., it is reported here. 

I’ve linked to page 812 of the thread because that’s where they were when I copied the link.  It will probably be over 820 pages in the next few minutes, with no end in sight.

Pray for Israel.


  1. Best place in the world for breaking news- GLP the global conversation! Thanks!!

  2. Thanks back at you, snark!

    I'm posting the "all in one" feed location you back-channeled to me, so thanks again!


    Note to Nukers: This link has at least a couple of feeds I didn't include above (because I didn't know about them). Enjoy!

  3. I get what you mean about that forum being a news aggregate, but I have such a hard time weeding through the silliness there.

  4. The silliness is extreme, and often the stupid - it hurts! But if you can see past the pure evil spewing from some of the Islamist supporters (or Commies, depending on the thread), there's plenty of bleeding-edge "this just happened" news.

    Here's an experiment in journalistic bias that will make you want to brick your TV/monitor (this test requires two monitors or a split screen setup):
    Watch a live feed from a news source, while watching that news source's actual TV channel in another window (or on another monitor, or on TV). If you're TV/monitor survives the test, I'm willing to bet you'll quickly grow hoarse from shouting "LIAR!!!" at the TV-channel feed.