Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Hi, I'm Arik Matthews

You may know me from such fake news articles as "Obama to Skip Convention" and "Redisplay of Controversial Photo Sparks Riots." I have been invited to contribute my thoughts and share them with you, for which I graciously thank our Host and Master of Ceremonies, Keln.

It is, I think, three years to the day since my last blog post over at the public blogs on Townhall, which seem to have disappeared in the meantime. I had a little health problem a few days later and when I woke up a few weeks later, I was not really in any condition to continue. I've thought about it for a while now, but didn't really know what I wanted to do or where I wanted to do it. And now seems like a good time, and this seems like a good place, so hey, let's have some fun.

What should we expect from me (or more correctly, the voices that tell me what to write)? Well, if you've enjoyed the lolbamas and lolterizts over at IMAO (and haven't we all), you've likely seen some of what the voices have told me. I will likely continue those over there, but I will try to put some of the more topical ones here when they are relevant, and I hope that I might be able to do some longer ones, comic strip style, that tell a shortish story, especially if I figure out how to do a page break, so the whole darn thing doesn't end up on one gigantic screen all at once.

I will likely also continue to write fake news as it's given to me, as well as ranting from time to time about the (political, mostly) things that irritate me, which is pretty much anything and everything, these days. And I want to drop a line or two from time to time that I think is relevant or amusing. Alinsky said the most potent weapon in the radical's arsenal is ridicule, and we've seen it used by the left again and again, and I intend to return the favor. I like to be rude and sarcastic, and if, after reading something I write, you can say "Holy Cow, I can't believe he actually said it," I will consider my job well done. It won't be easy, because Keln won't let me curse, and, as a former sailor, I have a pretty colorful vocabulary.

Anyway, I just wanted to say 'Hi,' and let Keln know I was getting started so he doesn't get all wee-wee'd up at me.


P.S. Matthew is actually my middle name, (only I spell it Mathieu, because I'm difficult) I just like Matthews for my pen name because you can't pronounce my last name, and I can barely spell it.

P.P.S. Happy Christmas!


  1. The page break, on the blogspot post page, is the icon at the top that looks like a torn page. It's located between the movie icon and the text alignment icon. Just click it wherever in the post you want the page to break.

    And as a fellow former sailor, if I can do no cussin', you can do no cussin'.