Friday, December 14, 2012

Is That A Dog Whistle I hear?

Liberals love to talk about "dog whistle racism".  They love to project it on the right.  Every once and a while they slip up and show their true colors.

The funny thing about this though, is no one is calling this racism   They are calling it dumb, and stupid, and many other similes, just not racist.

This ladies and gentlemen is dog whistle racism.  It's one thing to say something like "food stamp president" and read into it, this here, this is clearly saying someone is not black enough.

What ever happened to equality?

I only say this because I have strong disdain for Rob Paker.  he's a terrible writer who had one of the worst sports talk shows in the Detroit market some years ago.  The ratings were terrible and when it got canceled, he was rewarded for his failure with another radio show that was canceled about 15 minutes into the first episode.  I also hate to bring up ratings as a measurement of success, but in many local polls "Parker and the Man" (as the show was called) was voted the worst radio show in metro Detroit a few times.

So of course he gets rewarded for his failure again by becoming an ESPN contributor.  Watch that video to the end.  Even Steven A. Smith was uncomfortable with that, and that guy sucks a lot too.  Not for the same reasons though, I don't think he's a racist jerk.


  1. In light of this I hereby institute DREADS-cember. I'd like to see whether you or Keln makes a better "brother".

  2. I grew up in detroit... so probably me.