Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Simple Plan

Just a thought.

They're going on and on and on in Washington about "immigration" at the moment. We all know that what they mean is "illegal immigration." But they don't like to call it that because it sounds so, you know, judgemental.

And when you make note of the fact that it's called "illegal immigration" becayse it's,  you know, against the law, you get called a racist because, apparently, the majority of those immigrating illegally come from Mexico, and so, it's racist to stop people from breaking the law.

Since the establishment in Washington lack the gonads to make a big, bold maneuver, I will outline a simple plan here that will not stop the entire problem, but will take some of the pressure off.

Having lived in California for several years, I can tell you that it's no secret that the state is overrun by people from Mexico. In fact, a large number of them see California as having been wrongly wrested from Mexico in the 1840s, and they intend to return it to Mexico. It's not only not a secret, it's something they're quite proud of: they call the region Aztlan, and they believe it should include everything south of the Columbia River in Oregon and east of the Sabine River in Texas.

I say we give some of that land back.

Let them have everything south of the Golden Gate and west of Interstate 5 in California, except San Diego. We can keep that as a strategic naval base, like Gitmo in Cuba.Let them have everything south of, say Interstate 8 into Arizona, and Interstate 10 through to Texas.

They think the prosperity of this region comes from the region itself, rather than the American system it is governed under. I believe this is garbage. Look a San Diego, a prosperous international city that directly borders a third world craphole: Tijuana. The difference isn't the people or the land, the difference is the system of government.

This may seem like a lot to give up, but look at what they would have to take: Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein, Henry Waxman, all the Hollywood idiots: this is true addition by subtraction. Not only do you vastly increase the conservative balance of the country, you actually markedly increase the average IQ of the nation from the subtraction of the Kardashians alone.

Then we could build a giant wall with an electrified fence and a moat with alligators and maybe a rocket launcher-equipped dinosaur or three for good measure.

Exit question: Do you think the it would cost to get the Indians to take back Manhattan? Howmuch would you pay to get rid of Doomberg?


  1. Haha so clever! Just make sure not to give them any of Amerika :)

    1. I'm giving them part of old Texas, but only the part that reliably votes democRat. Most of everything is just desert and liberal land.