Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Big Cowboy in the West

(apropos post title suggested by my precocious 6-year-old grandson)

I have not vetted this letter, which was apparently first posted today as received by the Guns Across America - Montana Facebook page, but it appears to be authentic. According to, Sheriff Rummel is one of some 127 sheriffs who have pledged not to enforce proposed federal gun bans.

In any case, I thought it was worth sharing.

Many other sheriffs across the nation have similarly addressed the issue, but Rummel's piece seems to get to the heart of the matter, even citing a God-given right to self defense and protection against despotism.

If it gets picked up, the MSM should have a lovely hemorrhage with this.
January 22, 2013
Ladies and Gentlemen of Sanders County

By now you are all well aware of the grievous criminal event that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary. I am sure you are also aware of the proposed gun control rules and regulations the President is considering in the wake of this tragedy.
The intent of this letter is to clear up any doubts you, the law abiding citizens, may have on my stance on gun control and the Constitution. I have taken an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of United States and the state of Montana. Myself and my deputies take that responsibility very seriously. Our right to self defense is first and foremost God given. This right is then protected in both the United States and Montana State Constitutions.
My duty as Sheriff is to make sure you, the citizens, are protected from the criminal, whether that criminal come with a weapon, or a pen.
There is also a broader spectrum that needs to be considered. Once this line is crossed and the integrity of the Constitution has been compromised, where does this stop. Are our freedoms of speech, religion, press and assembly next to fall by the mere stroke of a pen.
I do believe history is replete with the consequences unarmed citizens have suffered at the hands of a despot. Heaven forbid that we as citizens of the greatest nation the world has ever known would suffer the same.
I, therefore want you to know that myself and my deputies will not enforce any federal regulations enacted by congress, or executive orders of the President circumventing the constitutional rights of the citizens of Sanders County. So help me God.
In your service,
Tom Rummel
Sanders County Sheriff


  1. God bless Tom Rummel. I hope more stand up like him.

  2. I thought it was worth sharing as well, so I +1d it and linked ot to Facebook.

    Are you on Facebook? I have a group there I can add you to that gets out good stuff like this to share.


  3. Courage. That's one of the things that makes America awesome. Thanks for sharing, Les, and look forward to reading more!