Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Progressives Have Evolved/Devolved... I'm Not Sure Yet

So much like Keln I didn’t watch the state of the union or the rebuttal.  His excuse was working, my excuse was Michigan and Michigan State were playing a basketball game.  And Michigan State kicked the crap out of Michigan.

So really if you think about it, win win for everyone.

I would like to address water-bottle-gate-20-13 for a moment if I can.  It seems that democrats are up in arms about Marco Rubio taking a drink of water during his rebuttal.  Maybe they see it as disrespectful. Or maybe they just don’t understand that human beings are comprised of nearly 70% water.  That’s right, humans are.

My only thoughts on this factoid are democrats either failed this part of biology in grade school, or they are a lower subspecies that branched off from Homo sapiens somewhere around the time of the great depression, and have no need for water to survive. 

This could be why they want us off of oil so bad.  Perhaps they need crude oil ingested twice a day?  Are these facts?  No, no they are not facts.  They are also not, not facts either. Then again, what does a democrat know about facts?


  1. I'm sure that's it. Libs gave up water for the good of the planet. Or something. They couldn't understand why Paul Ryan was drinking water during the VP debate either. I'm thinking he just took a drink every time he wanted to call Biden something bad. I don't curse, but that man could bring it out in anybody.

  2. Note please: It was Poland Springs water. He was sending a not-so-subtle message to the people of Poland that if HE were president, and the Polish president is killed in a plane crash, he will show enough solidarity with them to be drawn from the golf course and, I don't know, attend the funeral.