Sunday, February 3, 2013

Punchline Nuker of the Week: Week of February 2, 2013

Well, it has been a week since the last Punchline Nuker of the Week award was given out, and it is time to pick another award winner.

This week was an old-fashioned battle between Rodney Dill and Bob in Feenicks. Rodney Dill laid the smack-down on the last "Nuke the Punchline" and ended the week with 7 points. Sorry Bob.

Congratulations Rodney! Here's your Major Award:

Winners are selected based on a simple point system:
1 point if you made a winners list.
2 points if you got a "best punchline"
1 point if you came up with the best punchline to one of my straight lines.

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