Sunday, February 3, 2013

Two Random Pictures

One below the other — no correlation implied, no manipulation of the photo at the top.


  1. I know they think themselves above the Constitution, but what makes them think they're above the Berne copyright convention, and the "Fair Use" provisions prescribed therein?

    I say "Photoshop away!" You have that legal right.

    The AUDACITY of some people. Oops, there I go again.

    1. They have no authority to stop people from photo shopping it. It was a ridiculous threat that they cannot back up. There are already thousands of photo shopped versions by now.

  2. Reminds me of a professor at Texas A&M University back in the early 1980s named "Charles", who made the mistake on Day One of telling each of his classes that while there was a long string of acceptable nicknames (Charlie, Chas, etc.,) *nobody* was allowed to call him "Chuck".

    He was serious.

    So, obviously, outside of class he was referred to by his students (and probably other teachers as well) EXCLUSIVELY as "Chuck".

    I think some of these people have a problem with "cause and effect"... Not to mention arrogant jerks laying down proclamations from on high.

  3. That last sentence is missing a word... I meant to say "Not to mention BEING arrogant jerks laying down proclamations from on high".

  4. Are they really such idiots not to realize that telling people not to mess with the pictures practically guarantees that they will?

    Beyond copyright and Fair Use, satire and parody are protected under the First Amendment.Do they think they can prosecute everyone who plays around with that picture? They should ask Jerry Falwell how that turns out.

  5. The use of material in commentary, criticism and parody is exempt from copyright law, eh?

    I know somebody whose law-signin' finger is just a- twitchin'!