Friday, February 15, 2013

Tactical Nuke: Friday, February 15, 2013

• No more mention of Valentine's Day on my blog. That is a new rule. I hate Valentine's Day and all it stands for...whatever that is. And no, it doesn't stand for "love". More like some kind of horrible chocolate and flower infested nightmare or something.

  I mean it...this may be a very open cooperative experiment in "conservative" blogging where I don't make demands of those who write here and stuff...but it's still my blog. I pay for the hosting and I do all of the crappy stuff behind the scenes.

  So I get to make the rules. Rule #1: No vulgarity or excessive sexual innuendo. Rule #2: Star Wars always beats Star Trek. Rule #3: Never get involved in a land war in Asia or go against a Sicilian when death is on the line.. Rule #4: No mention of Valentine's Day. Ever. Period.

  I'm glad we had this discussion.

• Have you seen the Google homepage for today? Or doodle, or whatever they call that thingy. The second "g" in "Google" jumps out of the way just as a big space rock comes whizzing by. Cute, right? Because of that asteroid "buzzing" us today.

  I bet Russians will love that doodle...since they had their own space rock hit them today (or last night or whatever).

  They probably should have jumped like that "g" did.

• Nancy Pelosi says the part of the sequester that cuts Congressional pay would "diminish the dignity" of their job (read: title, rank, or noble status).

  Really...I thought the dignity of a person in whatever they do had nothing to do with their paycheck and everything to do with actual dignity.

• So Bloomberg wants to ban Styrofoam now. Great...this guy is officially drunk on power.

  While he's at it, he should ban Valentine's Day too.

  No, really...that is an actual suggestion. I'm going to send him an email...

• Carry on smartly...


  1. I, Anonymiss, hereby promise not to mention Valentine's Day ever ever EVER again on the blog that belongs to Keln. I promise!!!

    Not until next year, anyhow. :)
    (A girl can't help loving pink and flowers and the idea of being in love, can she?)

    But I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bug you.

    Ms. Pelosi hit it right on the head. I imagine the only reason why she and the other politicians do what they do is for the prestige. and power. Dignity is another matter entirely. What? Is she afraid the unacceptable non-rich non-lawyers may vie for her job if the pay decreases? Not likely.

  2. Ok. Watch this. It will make you feel better.

    1. I was gonna respond with something snarky...but yeah, that was funneh.

  3. Just wait until St. Patrick's Day!

    1. That's one of my favorite holidays. The only day of the year my wife will make corned beef and cabbage. She hates the stuff.

    2. Ugh. You should move here. Wisconsin really has a thing for St. Patrick's Day. I'm not sure if it's because the colors coincide with those of the Packers(and that's 3/4 of everybody's wardrobe)or they like that it's basically a drinking holiday. There are 3 bars near my neighborhood. Last year it was warmish, and the kids and I had the pleasure of watching people wearing green and gold felt top hats, green and gold plastic beads and green shamrock knee socks stumble around in groups from bar to bar. Yeah. We Wisconsinites really need to get lives.

  4. And what dignity? Has Blinky ever actually listened to herself speak? The utter trash coming out of her mouth? What a clown.

  5. Will you ever be able to watch Ghostbusters 2 again?

    See that at about 1:15 into it. According to Ghostbusters, we only have 3 more years left.

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