Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tactical Nuke: I Think It's Thursday, February 14, 2013

• Watergate 2013!

  Really...people are calling Rubio drinking some water during a speech "Watergate 2013".

  I mean, the "-gate" thing is dumb to begin with, as I have said before, but this is going into a new realm of the ridiculous. Yeah, it was kinda silly and awkward for such a speech...but not what I would call a "scandal", or "career-ending", or frankly "news worthy".

•  Lady Gaga...something about walking or something. Katy Perry...something. Kardashian...something.

  Seriously...when will news sites stop reporting on the dumb things these silly people do? Aren't there websites and tabloids for that sort of thing?

  I waste so much time every morning sorting through headlines looking for actual news because so much of it is about moronic people I couldn't care less about.

  I still don't know what a Kardashian is.

• How come it is so hard to get any details about what the deuce is going on in Iran or North Korea? I mean, these people are building and/or testing nuclear weapons, and the media is barely even mentioning it.

  Is there some kind of pact now to just ignore anything actually newsworthy and just report about Lindsay Lohan and stuff?

  Panem et circenses...

• Carry on...


  1. Happy Valentine's Day! <3 And sweet dreams.

    I don't think you want to know what a Kardashian is.

    1. Ain't sleepin' yet. Gotta stay up...weird shift and all.

      Just sitting here listening to some Doc Watson at the moment.

      And I hate Valentine's day. Pltttt.

    2. It sounds like you need some cookies, Keln. I have a few left...

  2. "Iran, North Korea, nuclear...what? Oh, we have to stretch the newscast another minute and a half? Let's roll that Rubio water loop a few more times."

    Actually, I don't really watch TV anymore, but somehow I get the feeling that I'm not missing much.