Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Problem With America

There we go now... One more time. Those stupid conservatives are at it again. They make me so angry sometimes. I mean look at THIS! In Colorado Springs a 6 year old boy who identifies herself as a girl is banned from using the girls bathroom. HOW DARE THEY! Sure he/she has a penis. So what though? This is about gender identity, and no one has a better grasp on gender identity than 6 year olds.

Now this poor child has rights, and one of those rights is to be paraded in front of cameras, in this case, clearly against her will. Look at her embarrassment and shock on her face as she struggles to get away from her father who is making the biggest deal in the world out of this.

This guy has moxie. He's taking a private matter, and clearly doing something that the child doesn't want. This is the problem with men (except for him, he's right on here), and with America today. We need to parade more children in front of camera's and put them in situations they don't want to be in to ensure that we all get equal rights.


  1. So the real question is whether or not that honey boo boo person actually wants to be in her situation. According to you, if she doesn't, then that is good parenting. If she does, then she is an evil greedy capitalist.