Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Walkingdeads Deep Thoughts: February 6, 20-13

  • So I bought a home brew kit.

          I can't wait till I lose intrest after I find out how difficult bottling the beer really is.

  • I paid all my bills for the month already.

          I can't do anything until March, but its February, so who want's to do anything anyway?

  • You know I used to hate Thin Lizzy.

        Now I just don't mind them.

  • You learn a lot about yourself by realizing the things you hate in other people.

  • I can't wait till next week when I get these

  • I'm pretty sure I'm going to start a kickstarter project just so I can buy coal and accelerate global warming.  this has been crazy.

        Oh wait.

  • Fun fact: 

        If you do a google image search for Krystal Lynn Hendric, my facebook banner image shows up.

  • I'm a woman's trench coat away from being Nick from the tv show "the new girl".

        If you watch the show you'll understand, if you don't; whats wrong with you?

  • You would think that was some sort of non profit noodle consortium, but if you think that you would be wrong.


  1. Love the valentines.
    At least you're getting something.

  2. Bottling shouldn't take you more than an hour. Also, look into bigger bottles. I've also had good luck with mini kegs.

    1. yeah I've been saving bottles for the past few months. lot of 22 oz bottles waiting to go.

    2. Too bad I gave up drinking and threw all my old bottles out. I could have kept you in 40s for decades.