Saturday, February 23, 2013

We Are Prog Resistance is Futile

We are Prog. Resistance is futile.

I was thinking about this the other day...progressives, or "Progs" in interwebs parlance, are a lot like the Borg from Star Trek. They really don't have anytime for resistance, because to them such is futile. Because they are "progressive"...which means they are the next step, which is of course unavoidable. I mean, you won't hear them saying stuff like "resistance is futile" in a weird robot-alien voice, but they are thinking it. Probably. I mean, when some Prog is telling you that "it's for the children", they are really just saying "you have no chance to survive, make your time."

Oops, I think I got my memes mixed up there. But still...they share the same mentality as bad Japanese to English translation. Which might explain a lot about their thinking process. They have a tendency to toss reality and reason into the same garbage can (not the recycle could they!?!?), and use logic as an alternative to toilet paper. Bad cats! Can haz no cheezburger!

Let's step back a bit here...I've been using the interwebs for a long time since they first became mainstream which was probably a year or two after the movie WarGames came out. 
That looks like a totally rad computer...for 1983...which technically makes it groovy I guess

Ok, maybe a decade after WarGames came out...since the interwebs was still like a DARPA project or something at the time. (And the writers ain't never heard of SIPRnet apparently). So anyways, I grew up, interwebs-wise, during the time that internet went mainstream amongst geeks and we invented terms like "lol" and the smiley face :). But, as those who begin something are wont to do, we resisted the addition of terms and memes (like the word meme which sounds way too French or something) and have become old codgers in our old age of the mid 30's to 40's. So I am not into memes. But old Japanese computer games? Super cool great happy fun!

The other thing I want to point out here is that I am not a "fan" per se of Star Trek. Because, let's face it, Star Wars is way better. Period. And you are probably a Prog if you disagree with me. And also probably Hitler too. Because only Progs and Hitler would think that Star Trek is better than Star Wars. And also, anyone that is a huge fan of Star Trek is a Koolaid drinker for realz. We Star Wars fans...we love it AND we hate it at the same time. You guys would worship Gene Rodenberry, but we Star Wars fans would love to meet George Lucas, and also show him what an AR-15 can do at the same time. "See? We can shoot people with this, unlike your stupid storm troopers that can't hit anything!".

Love-hate is a powerful emotion.

Anyways...Prog=Borg. Seriously. Progressives aren't really about "diversity", or "opinions", or "freedom of expression", or any of that stuff they purport to believe in. Their version of diversity is "each into its assigned group according to its label". Yeah, to them, black people are supposed to sit in the same section as all of the other vegetables in their virtual supermarket of humanity. If a single black person says "I am free!" and decides to act differently than what the left decides they should act, they are relabeled as an "anomaly", or an "uncle Tom", or to the point...a bad veggie. That's the diversity of the left.

And opinions to Progs are fine. Unless those opinions deviate from the opinions of the left. At that point they are labeled "racist", "sexist", "stupid", etc. You can't actually have an opinion according to Progs. The only opinion is the Prog opinion.

And freedom of expression...of course. As long as that expression does not undermine the Prog ideals. Gay people can run around nekkid all over the place for all the Progs care. But if I carry a Bible into Starbucks, the Progs will go nuts. Expression, to them, is limited to "non threatening" expression. As in, nothing that uses logic, reason, morality, or ethics. OR common dead-blamed sense for that matter. And especially, anything that might hamper the true goals of Progs...supreme authority over your very life. Guns falls into that category, hence their overwhelming antagonism towards the 2nd Amendment. The life or death of babies? Not so much.

They are Prog...resistance is futile....except against my AR-15.
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  1. Love it! Ok. I admit it. I like Star Wars and some Star Trek. Is that a deal breaker around here?

    Btw the Borg comparison is an awesome one. They want everyone free as long as they exercise their freedom in the way borg wants them to. Otherwise, they are clearly faulty in some way, and need to be shamed, fixed, or eliminated. Have you ever seen that freaky Borg queen? She gives me the creeps.

  2. The zig is up, progs. For great social justice.