Tuesday, March 26, 2013

That Old Time Religion

I always feel a bit bemused by so-called "Progressives" who tell us they want to keep religion out of government. I feel a bit bemused because it's such a transparent lie. If religion is a pattern of belief based on things that can't be proven and which much be taken on faith, progressivism is as much a religion as anything you would traditionally consider as such. Heck, we've seen in the past few years how they view Barry in Washington as a Messiah (Mess-I-Uh) figure.

It's not that progressives want to keep religion out of politics and policy: They just want to keep out any religion but their own.

I have tried to figure out the difference between what a normal person, like me for instance, would believe, and what a progressive believes. I think I've made a start.

I believe in an all-powerful, all-loving, omnipotent God, Creator of Heaven and Earth, who has a plan for the world. He loves us and wants us to do well, which is accomplished by following His plan. God had a rigid and objective set of rules delineating what is right or wrong  but allows us the freedom to choose to do as we will, and even to oppose His will. He wants us to be able to self-sustaining and independent, but will provide for us in need if we ask. He has even, through the Sacrifice of His own Son, provided a path for us to gain a life in Paradise, after this one has ended.

Progressives, on the other hand, believe in an all-powerful, all-loving (except dissenters), omnipotent government, which has a plan for the world. It luvs you and wants to do everything for you, which it will be implementing its plan, whether you like it or not. (If you don't, what's wrong with you, HATER?) You have the option of following the progressive plan, or following the progressive plan. Progressives have a squishy, subjective idea of what is right and wrong, and it changes from day to day, week to week, so you never know whether you are doing something wrong or not. They want to give you sustenance, and provide everything for you and (s)mother you with their big, wet, sloppy kisses, whether you want it or not. And forget the Afterlife life: this is as good as it gets, so you better get what you can while you're here, even if you have to take it from someone else.

Now, I don't know about you, but even if I was an atheist, I would rather live under a government run under the former set of principles than the latter. There is no freedom under the progressive plan, though they will use that word to describe everything and everything they want to do. In the end, you simply have the freedom to shut up and do as you're told. I suspect there are those who would even go so far as to say the Progressive plan looks a lot more like something Satan would hatch, than a rational, loving people. And I would be hard=pressed to disagree.

UPDATE: It's been brought to my attention that Shariah is a law supposedly based on the laws of God, that it might be the logical outcome of a set of laws based on my beliefs. I disagree. Shariah is progressivism without the subjective sense of right and wrong. There is a VERY objective belief in what is right or wrong, but no freedom to choose to deviate from it, at the cost of great bodily harm, or even death.

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