Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cookie Challenge No. 2 (no pun intended)

Hi's time to play Cookie Challenge again.  Today's challenge is a special vocabulary lesson.  Does anybody know what taqqiya means?  A pretty good definition can be found here and here.  I'll wait while you check those out.  OK?  Here's how to use it in a sentence:  "On his way home from work, Bob took a shortcut through the pasture and stepped in taqqiya."  Our cookie challenge for today is to figure out where taqqiya comes from.  If  you guess the correct answer, you will win a cookie  from Anonymiss.   Our last cookie challenge was won by Harvey at IMAO, for two reasons: 1. He had the best answer, and 2.  He finally taught me how to embed links without showing the entire URL.  So here's your choices: (There's a hint in the captions)  Good luck!

cement truck

meat grinder

soft serve machine 

taqqiya getting place


  1. So I'm the one making the prizes. We need somebody else to guess already.


    1. you're allowed to guess. If you win, Keln will bake the cookies.

    2. Awesome. I see this NOW after Rodney already won??? I was really hoping to get some Keln baked cookies.

      Next time. Next time.

  2. Well it's obviously the picture of Obama's cabinet (the bottom picture) since they're a bunch of horse's .....

    ...and for using in a sentence a muslim might say, "I'm gonna taqqiya for all ya got."