Saturday, April 27, 2013

Cookie Challenge No. 3

So the winner of CC No. 2, for correctly identifying where taqqiya comes from, was Rodney Dill.  Go Rodney!  Sadly, just before Anonymiss set about making a batch of cookies for you, she was called away by Keln on a secret mission, so she had no choice but to ask her evil twin sister Un Nonymiss, to step in and help out.   Un Nonymiss' main saving feature is that she looks exactly like her sister, unfortunately however, she's pretty scary in the evil department, and she's famous for her Uncookies, so we're sending a batch to Rodney.  (Anonymiss will have more on her evil sister and uncookies later.)

(safety tip...Never.  Ever.  eat uncookies).  They are highly toxic, and instead of chocolate chips they contain little bitty fish hooks and broken glass.  They spontaneously burst into flames if they come in contact with milk, and they cause the sudden appearance of extra digits and massive unibrows.   Apart from all that they're yummy.  We're sort of over a barrel here, because we don't want to make Un Nonymiss angry, so maybe your best move will be to quietly turn the whole batch over to the nearest hazmat team, and we'll send you some of Anonymiss' cookies when she gets back.  Meanwhile, here's Cookie Challenge No.3.  Since we're dealing with scary people today, below are four pictures of well known people and/or beings, and your challenge is to pick the one that is considered to be the scariest. (Here's a hint)  Good luck!

jabba the hutt

kim jong unjabba

the church lady

jabba the soros


  1. They're ALL kind of scary.

    I'm going to have to go with Jabba the Soros, because he's the one pulling the strings on Barry the Hutt.

  2. I agree with arik, Jabba the Soros, 'cause we didn't get a harumph from him.